Vibro™ II


The Vibro™ II (iMM155) makes oversleeping a thing of the past. Instead of just hearing your alarm, you can feel it too! The Vibro™ II is a high-fidelity alarm clock dock allowing consumers to wake to their favorite songs on their iPhone or iPod, FM radio, the Shaker or any combination with the Shaker. When placed under a pillow, the Shaker’s smooth, rhythmic vibrations are guaranteed to wake even the heaviest sleeper or the hearing impaired. Combined, the Shaker and acoustic sounds of the iMM155 is a departure from the mundane wake-up routine.

Available in four stylish colors, the Vibro™ II is the perfect accessory for not only the bedroom, but as a traditional iPhone/iPod docking station anywhere in the home. The large LCD display is easy to read from anywhere in the room and ten brightness level adjustments let you find the setting most appropriate for you. Additionally, the Vibro™ II features TimeSync to reconcile time with your iPhone or iPod and also highlights the alarm setting and time instead of just a bell indicating the alarm is set. Users can charge their iPhone or iPod while enjoying patent pending jAura® Sound Technology by simply docking their device into the iMM155. Quite simply, the Vibro™ II allows anyone to enjoy a restful night and a good morning.

Model: iMM155

Price: $69.99