D-Link PetCam Wireless N Network Camera


Animal lovers can now easily monitor pets while they are away with the new D-Link® PetCam™ Wireless N Network Camera (DCS-930L). Equipped with mydlink™ for on-the-go viewing, pet owners can remotely monitor their pals from any wirelessly-connected device, such as a PC, notebook, Apple iPhone®, Apple iPad®, or Android™ device.

Price: $79.99

Date available: Jan. 2012


The PetCam is DLink’s rather clever way of bundling existing technology to let consumers keep their eye on man’s best friend from afar. The PetCam is simply a web enabled IP camera. You can place multiple cameras around the house. Because they connect to the internet, you can use your mobile phone or smart device (with the DLink app) to watch your pets on your device. Of course, there’s nothing special about this setup – it’s a normal IP surveillance camera. The cool part is that you get notified when Fido moves. Remember that the light source needs to be good and so does the Internet speed. Don’t expect miracles.

-Robin Raskin