HoverCam Impress Book Scanner


The HoverCam Impress is a professional quality book scanner with automatic page turner. For the first time consumers can digitize and archive their personal library of printed books.

There is increasing need for consumers to digitize their book collections for use with the iPad, Kindle or other eBook reader. However, book scanning has been mostly a manual and difficult process. Most consumers have been limited to what books a publisher releases in a digital format. For the first time, the inidividual is allowed to decide what books will appear on his or her eReader.

Additionally, the Impress allows for archiving of rare and collectible books which in time could be lost.

Technical Specifications:

  • V-shaped stand folds into shape of a briefcase. Everything is in one self-contained, portable unit.
  • Dual 5 MP CMOS sensor
  • 15 page per minute scanning speed
  • 300 dpi scanning resolution
  • Built-in LED lights
  • One USB 2.0 cable to computer for data exchange
  • External 12v adapter
  • Built-in image processing software
  • Scans books as small as an oversized paperback and up to a standard textbook
  • Mandatory Watermark insertion and user registration
  • Save in PDF or ePub

Price: $399

Web Sitehttp://www.thehovercam.com/