Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA 13


FinalistThe YOGA is the union of a stylish, powerful Ultrabook and a portable 13.3” multi-touch tablet. The world’s slimmest convertible Ultrabook™, the IdeaPad® YOGA 13 doubles up as a tablet, uniquely combining an 13.3” HD multi-touch screen that turns 360-degrees to fold back on itself, with up to 8hrs battery life and smart technologies to stay updated round-the-clock.

YOGA’s patented dual hinge design is engineered to enable content consumption and creation spanning four intuitive usage positions (notebook, tablet, stand, and tent) in one computer, while offering higher durability and stability.

As a multimode notebook, YOGA delivers a comfortable and natural user interaction when using it in any position. To enjoy multiplayer touch-based gaming and social media on-the-go, just completely fold back the YOGA’s screen for a portable 13.1“ HD+ (1600 x 900) tablet with 10-point capacitive touch. For entertainment, reading, and web browsing, users can flip the YOGA’s screen panel into a convenient stand or tent mode that saves space and brings the screen closer to the user.

YOGA’s versatile multimode form factor strikes an ideal balance between creating and consuming content, at the same time, offering consumers an optimal experience of a notebook and tablet in a single cutting-edge device.


Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga looks set to redefine the concept of convertible laptop. With a unique hinge desgn, this laptop can transform itself for use in various positions: typical clamshell laptop; in a stand-up L-shaped position so you just see its gorgeous display leaning back over the keyboard base; a triangle flip-top design, using the keyboard and display as the legs; or by flipping the display back 180-degrees so it’s a usable, albeit it comparatively heavy, 13.3-inch tablet.

-Melissa Perenson