powerstation PRO


The juice pack powerstation PRO is the new superhero of the portable power category, saving battery-lives one mAh at a time by delivering high-output charging under even the most extreme of conditions.

Users of the powerstation PRO will experience the benefits of keeping all of their devices, including laptops, smartphones, iPads and other tablets, charged faster than a speeding bullet and for longer via the pro’s powerful 6000 mAh battery and 2.1 amp charging capabilities. Designed to withstand the rigors of the concrete jungle, the pro is also fit to function in the actual jungle, featuring an IP-65 rating protection against dirt, sand, water and other liquids.

Users of the mophie juice pack powerstation PRO receive the following rugged features and benefits:
6000 mAh battery power – the largest capacity battery available from mophie
IP-65 rating with protection against dirt, sand, water and other liquids, which means you get charged no matter how extreme the conditions
Durable rubber housing with water-tight USB ports
Aluminum and steel construction with impactresistant exterior for immense protection against bumps and falls
Special high-output battery allows for ultra-fast charging
Capability of switching between 500 mAh, 1A and 2.1A charges to save battery while charging devices
The ability to charge just about any USB enabled device in the world

From a design standpoint, the powerstation PRO looks as tough as it is powerful. Engineered with a rugged and robust design, the PRO looks and feels like it is meant to withstand whatever abuse a user may inflict upon it. The thick and solid form factor made of an aluminum and steel construction keeps the exterior protected from any impact and provides that tough, “built-to-last” look. Finally, durable rubber encases the powerstation PRO and keeps liquids out of the USB ports, which can be accessed by water-tight doors that open and close. Metal riveting along the perimeter of the rubber casing add extra durability to the design and rugged look of the product.

Price: $99.95