Rokbed V.3 iPhone4 Case


The Rokbed V.3 was designed to be world’s most versatile iPhone4 case ever made. And to be that it must also look the part. The Rokform design and development team took many extra steps to make it pleasing to the eye while being fanatically functional.

Our unique design aesthetic was inspired by motor sports racing. While balancing form and function we strived to achieve a higher level of performance by reducing unnecessary material and weight.

Rokbed V.3’s bold visual signature has a series of unique chamfer-edged openings and textures. These openings provide structure, protection, button/port access, and the platform for three integrated accessory components.

The predominant integrated design feature utilized by the Rokbed V.3 is the Quadlok—a four-position notched circular cavity engineered to work in conjunction with our mounted base accessory component. The base integrates perfectly with the Rokbed V.3 via the Quadlok key-like fitment into the back of the cover.

The base is a mounting accessory that can be attached to most semi-hard surfaces by a supplied screw or special VHB tape. The base functions as a designated, secure location for the iPhone. The base allows the iPhone to be locked into 4 separate secure positions. Likewise, the base can be mounted on vertical surfaces as well as on or under horizontal surfaces. Applications include home, office, shop, industrial, marine, automotive, defense and law enforcement.

The base has also been designed to accommodate a clip feature. The clip can be securely attached to trousers or belt at the waist. The clip is ideal for iPhone users with limited pocket space who require both hands to remain free when the iPhone is not in use.

The next integrated accessory design feature is the anti slip grip component. Made from textured thermoplastic synthetic rubber; this component offers non-slip traction on most surfaces. The grip feature has a stylistic debossed logo. The grip houses an optional rare earth magnet which enables the Rokbed V.3 to be affixed to any magnetic surface or object in any position.

One final integrated accessory design feature are flush openings on the lower side portion of Rokbed V.3. These openings accommodate a specially designed wrist lanyard. Adjustable to any wrist size the lanyard provides for extra security and protection from drops. The attachable lanyard is Ideal for extreme environments and the most active iPhone users.

Rokbed V.3’s durable polycarbonate construction and six-sided protection help to prolong the life of any iPhone 4. Generous sized openings make accessing exterior iPhone controls and ports easy. Rokbed V.3 does not interfere with antenna signal, camera, or speaker quality.

Packed with integrated multipurpose design features and proudly Made-In-The-USA, the Rokbed V.3’s $39.00 MSRP is a great value on every level.

Price: $39.00

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