Victorinox SSD


The Victorinox SSD offers unprecedented data storage capacity with security measures fit for protecting the most confidential of personal and professional documents in a pocket-sized device. It is specifically designed to run and connect into any USB 2/3 or on eSATA 2/3 ports and comes in an array of storage capacities, from 64GBto 1 Terabyte. The device supports full eSATA II speed has built-in graphical backlit bi-stable LCD display (48 x 96 dots) for labeling what is saved on the drive, high-speed 256 AES encryption, email synchronization, and auto back-up.

Other features and benefits of the SSD include:

World’s smallest high-capacity SSD drive on the market to-date
World’s only SSD device with only one connector that fits into USB2/3 and eSATA 2/3 ports to-date
World’s only SSD device with a Bi-Stable graphic display for labeling contents
Handles automatic backup and synchronization issues in AES 256 security
Available in both flight-friendly and traditional Swiss Army Knife implements (blade, scissors, nail file/screw driver combo)

From an aesthetic perspective, the Victorinox SSD comes with both red and black aluminum protective knife bodies – the red body includes the traditional Swiss Army Knife implements (blade, scissors, nail file and screwdriver) and the black comes without implements and is therefore flight-friendly – the drive can be swapped easily between both bodies. The drive itself is capsuled in a crystal-clear and very strong Grillamid case, which is made-up of polymer, ultimately making it very hard to break, and resistant against oil and most chemicals. The intended use of the Victorinox SSD is to have the ability to carry a significant amount of information in one small form factor, and is specifically useful for those who want to take a computer’s entire contents on-the-go, including desired operating system, as it is to professionals in the TV and film industry who need to quickly and easily transfer footage.

Price: $470.00-$2,000.00