TP-LINK’s WiFi Powerline Extender


TP-LINK’s WiFi Powerline Extender is a starter kit that blends the best of both worlds. With both Powerline and WiFi, you can experience blazing fast Internet speeds from anywhere in the home, perfect for TVs, game consoles or PCs.

The WiFi Powerline Extender (TL-WPA4220KIT) provides up to 500Mbps over Powerline and up to 300Mbps over Wi-Fi. Dual Ethernet ports offer even more flexibility for connecting multiple devices. The Plug-and-Play installation makes it extremely easy to be up and running in as few steps as possible. TP-LINK’s Wi-Fi Clone Button allows for seamless wireless roaming.

This starter kit includes one TL-WPA4220 dual WiFi and Powerline adapter and one TL-PA4010 wired Powerline adapter for an incredibly low price of $69.99.

Price: $69.99

URL: WiFi Powerline Extender

Judge’s Remarks:

Need a secure, high-speed Ethernet connection – perhaps for a laptop, Smart TV or video game console – but your modem/router happens to be in another room?

TP-LINK’s 300Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender, AV500 Powerline Edition

(TL-WPA4220KIT), uses your home’s existing electrical wiring to transmit high-speed data up to 500Mbps. Simply snap in one or two Ethernet jacks into one of the extenders, plugged into an AC outlet, and the extender in the other room is plugged into the modem or router. Other features include one-touch synchronization and secure 128-bit AES encryption, plus it also doubles as a Wi-Fi extender to bring wireless connectivity to hard-to-reach areas of your home; simply press the Wi-Fi Clone Button and this TP-LINK product automatically copies the same SSID and password from your primary router so you’ll remain connected anywhere in the house.

 —Marc Saltzman