Korus Wireless Hi Fi Audio System


The V600s is the premier wireless home speaker in the Korus lineup, and packs the muscle to make any room go boom. It’s the ideal centerpiece to your Korus system, perfect for the room where you spend the most time. Or take it with you. Just switch to battery power to use outside or wherever you can’t plug in. 

Watch for Korus’ new announcement at CES on Jan. 7th.

Price: $449.00

URL: Korus Wireless Hi Fi Audio System

Editor’s Remarks:

The two Korus systems are among the first wireless systems to challenge the category dominance of Sonos.  They deliver room filling sound with great response from bass to treble.  Korus does not rely on your home Wi-Fi and is very easy to set up.  The only drawback is their dongle, which they call a baton, which can stream music from your iOS device, but draws a fair amount of power.  And the cable that can keep your iPhone powered means you won’t be able to be mobile with that mobile device while also charging it.

—Gary Kaye