Wahooo® iSwimband™


iSwimband™ is a revolutionary wearable sensor which will alert a Bluetooth-enabled device such as an iPhone in the event that a swimmer has been submerged beyond preset limits, or if a non-swimmer enters the water.

iSwimband was developed with the assistance of experts in aquatic safety. While nothing replaces diligent human supervision, iSwimband provides an extra layer of protection in and around the water for your family, friends and guests.
iSwimband is completely portable and simple to use. It works in pools, lakes, rivers, the beach, even in spas & bathtubs.


 • Comfortable lightweight headband fits most swimmers
 • Includes wristband or clip for toddlers
 • One-time setup takes only a few minutes
 • Works with goggles/swim caps
 • Monitor up to 8 iSwimbands per iOS device
 • Up to 100 foot range (dependent on environmental conditions)
 • Includes free companion iSwimband app

Design subject to change. Android soon.

Price: $124.99

URL: Wahooo® iSwimband™