WD My Cloud


WD’s My Cloud personal cloud is a complete solution for users to organize, centralize and secure the digital content from all of their computers and mobile devices and access those files from any device, from anywhere in the world.  By simply connecting a My Cloud personal cloud drive directly to a wireless router, consumers get the anywhere, any-device access they can get from the public cloud, without monthly fees and the security of knowing that their cloud resides in their own home under their exclusive control.  WD’s My Cloud allows users to keep media and files safe at home on their own physical drive and then access them over the Internet with any PC or Mac® computer or on tablets and smartphones through free mobile apps.  Users can share files, stream media, and access content anywhere in the world.  Set-up time for My Cloud is about 10 minutes.

Price: $149

URL: WD My Cloud

Editor’s Remarks:

WD has taken a large size external drive, hooked it to your home network, and provided you with apps and software to make this into your personal cloud.  My Cloud will let you store and stream anything on your network,  but what’s more it will allow you access to and from all your mobile devices no matter where they are. The device comes with enough storage to take care of all your movies, photos, documents, and whatever for the foreseeable future with storage capacities up to 4TB.

—Gary Kaye