2014 Winners


Last Gadget Standing Winners: One Keeps You Fit and One Gets You in the Door The people have spoken, and while all ten contestants in the Last Gadget Standing gave heroic presentations, the winners have been declared. Let’s hear it for:
Online Winner: Skulpt Aim

There are lots of fitness devices that measure how many steps you take or how fast your heart is beating but the Skulpt Aim is the first-ever device to measure total body composition. That means it can break down your body into fat percentage and muscle quality just by holding the device next to the body area you want to check.. Aim displays metrics instantly on the screen, and automatically syncs with a personal online dashboard to track results over time, set goals, and share with friends.

Judges said, “This is an iPhone-sized device that uses electrical impedance to gauge how much of your body is muscle and how much is fat. Taking the quantified self to the next level, AIM goes beyond traditional fitness monitors to look at muscle quality and tone.”

Live Winner: In a room filled with 500 voters who were asked to whoop and holler for their favorite programs, the winner was the Kevo Lock from Kwikset. Imagine, an electronic door lock bringing down the house with applause and votes! Kwikset’s Kevo smart lock turns smartphones into your key, giving owners the ability to unlock the door with just a simple touch. Paired with the Bluetooth Low Energy(tm) 4.0 technology, the Kevo mobile app turns a compatible smartphone into an eKey. Download the free mobile app, do a simple setup and then use your phone for locking and unlocking, sending, disabling and deleting eKeys.

Judges said, “Using metal keys to unlock your doors is so twentieth century. With the Kevo Lock, you can use your smartphone or a digital key fob to unlock your doors with a tap. You can even send digital keys to your maid or your cat sitter that only let them in for a limited time.”

Read more about the other products that made it a tough competition and congrats to all those who participated.

  • Glasses TrackR from Phone Halo – never lose your glasses again with these Bluetooth enabled find-a-ma-call-its
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear – the perfect companion to the Galaxy Note, the Gear sits on your wrist and makes it easier to never have to dig out your phone again.
  • Jamstik from Zivix — play guitar with this ultra-realistic iPad guitar add on
  • Kurio Phone from TechnoSource -an Android phone that’s cool for kids but calming for parents
  • Voyce from i4C — a fitness tracker for your pet
  • MIP Robot from WowWee – a robot that can learn from gestures, dance up a storm and looks like a robot on a Segway
  • Lenovo N308 Multi-Mode 19″ Android All-In-One – wearables may be big, but so was this first 19 inch Android tablet
  • Canary from Canary -a sentry that monitors your home from humidity to intruders, all with one easy box

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