Skulpt develops innovative technology empowering users to better understand their bodies and achieve their fitness goals. Skulpt Aim is the first-ever device to measure total body composition as well as fat percentage and muscle quality of individual muscles. Muscle Quality (MQ) measures your muscles’ strength, definition, and overall fitness. Aim displays metrics instantly on the screen, and automatically syncs with a personal online dashboard to track results over time, set goals, and share with friends.

Skulpt technology is based on over a decade worth of research at Harvard and MIT, and is currently being used in top hospitals and clinical research studies across the US. For the first time, Skulpt makes this technology accessible to consumers, and completely revolutionizes how technology and fitness unite.

Price: $199



Judges said, “This is an iPhone-sized device that uses electrical impedance to gauge how much of your body is muscle and how much is fat. Taking the quantified self to the next level, AIM goes beyond traditional fitness monitors to look at muscle quality and tone.”