Kwikset’s Kevo smart lock turns smartphones into keys, giving owners the ability to unlock the door with just a simple touch. Paired with the Bluetooth Low Energy™ 4.0 technology, the Kevo mobile app turns a compatible smartphone into an eKey. Users can simply touch the deadbolt while the authorized smartphone remains in their purse or pocket to unlock the door. The deadbolt responds to the touch of a finger while communicating with the app in the background of the smartphone.

The free mobile app is used for initial setup, locking and unlocking, sending, disabling and deleting eKeys, viewing history of lock activity and setting up other features of the lock. Sending an eKey to family or friends is as simple as sending a text message, and users can revoke eKeys at any time. Administrators can receive smartphone notifications when an eKey locks or unlocks the deadbolt.

Price: $219

URL: Kevo

Judge’s Remarks:

Imagine you’re on the way home and you realize you left your house keys at work. No problem. As long as you have Kwikset’s Kevo deadbolt lock and your smartphone, you can get in your door with a simple tap. As seen on Shark Tank, this deadbolt lock — with its glowing blue lining — uses Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 technology to wirelessly communicate with your iPhone’s eKey code (no support for other platformsyet). The Kevo also includes traditional keys and a wireless fob to keep on your keychain or sewn into a kid’s backpack. As an added bonus, you can email an eKey to family, friends, housekeepers or guests, so they can use their phone to enter your home for a limited time or only on certain days of the week (such as a maid that works Saturdays).

—Marc Saltzman