Fugoo XL


Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen, but there’s none like Fugoo. They are the speaker of choice for people who want to take their music outdoors. They offer a great mix of features not found on any others. The new Fugoo XL adds more drivers and wattage for those that like it even louder. It is the ONLY speaker that lets you change its look and durability with different jackets. The Tough is so rugged, it can survive being driven over by a car. It is one of the few speakers with an IP67 rating. It is water-, snow-, sand-, mud-, dirt- and dust-proof. It delivers 40 hours of battery life. 360 degree sound is delivered through 8 dedicated drivers on four sides (24 total watts). It interacts with Apple Siri and Android Google Now. Handle-, shoulder- or universal straps make it easy to carry.