MeccaNoid is a new robotics building system from Meccano. At $399, MeccaNoid is the first of its kind: a four-foot tall humanoid that comes with built-in voice recognition, conversations, and much much more. Most importantly, users can create their own custom robot movements by physically moving the robot while in record mode. These movements and audio are stored in memory and can be recalled at any time with simple voice commands.

More than just an amazing robot, Meccanoid is an expandable, reconfigurable robotics platform. Build your own exploration rover. Build an animatronic dinosaur. Build whatever you can imagine with this simple and powerful invention platform!

Also, using the MeccaNoid app, you can create robot movements by manipulating a 3-D “ragdoll” model or by using motion capture – the robot syncs live with the app! The app also has a versatile drag-and-drop programming environment which educators and students alike can use to build behavioral programs for their robotic creations.

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