GlucoGenius is a mouse-like tool to help you monitoring glucose easily without pain or disposables. You don’t need to take blood. You don’t need to spend extra money. Download the free app and you can test anytime, anywhere. Just put in one finger into the finger clip sensor then it’s done. Quick and easy. One minute to get results. Bluetooth functionality is built in for you to transfer data easily. You can even keep results for tracking with no storage limit. In addition to blood glucose, you can also check data for blood flow velocity, hemoglobin, oxygen saturation, pulse, temperature and humidity. A great tool to do health management. Why hesitate? Try it now! Make it your reminder to change your habits, exercise, choose suitable foods and create a better life, for a healthier you!

Judges said: This little gizmo can track a diabetic’s blood sugar and other properties. Without a pin prick, (it uses a metabolic heat confirmation sensor) it can record and analyze a diabetic’s blood health.