Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock (Second Generation)


Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock (Second Generation) is a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock from Kwikset that turns your smart phone into an electronic key. Kevo (Second Generation) provides the best consumer experience with a smart lock through patented Touch-to-Open technology, improved design, refined user experience, and new, advanced SmartKey security.

Kevo (Second Generation) is the only smart lock that allows consumers to lock or unlock the door with the touch of a finger by using patented Touch-to-Open technology. Current Kevo users familiar with Touch-to-Open technology will notice a more powerful processor and improved technology in Kevo (Second Generation).

The Kevo (Second Generation) design is improved compared to the first-generation Kevo, featuring an all-metal interior that is smaller than the original Kevo, providing added security, durability and improved quality.

Lastly, Kevo (Second Generation) features the newest, most advanced version of Kwikset patented SmartKey technology.