Ricoh Theta S


The Ricoh Theta S, a fully 360-degree spherical camera, captures the entirety of a scene surrounding the user in a high-resolution photo or video. It’s more than just a camera, it’s an experience. The pocket-sized Theta S produces photos and videos that allow viewers to interact with an image or video by scrolling in all directions. The Ricoh Theta S captures spherical still images of approximately 14 megapixels and records full HD spherical video. Its fast f/2.0 lens allows more light to pass through Ricoh’s proprietary, ultra-small twin-lens folded-optical system, which results in bright, high quality stills and videos. The spherical images can be uploaded to, shared via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and posted to Google Maps, Google+ and YouTube. The Ricoh Theta S app for smartphones and tablets makes it easy to remotely control the camera, configure settings and instantly view spherical photos and video.

Judges said: As we used this new version of the Theta we quickly fell in love with its elegant design and light weight. Great image quality makes it a hit.