The Lenovo YOGA Home 900 brings a portable entertainment center for anywhere in the house. Best of all, what makes this unique is its ability to go from an All-in-One computer to a tabletop tablet designed for multi-player games. This device has something for everyone whether working, watching videos or playing games.

One of the main highlights of this device is the Aura interface which gives users a completely different computing experience. Once the device is laid flat, the Aura user interface is automatically opened and a dial system is displayed. From here, users can open a variety of files and applications. Aura puts photos,videos, music, games and more in an easy-to-use application. Users can pinch and zoom, rotate, expand to full screen, send a picture across the screen, thumb through a slideshow and move the dial around the screen.

The YOGA Home 900 features a 27” Full HD (1920×1080), 10-point multitouch display, and comes with NVIDIA GeForce discrete graphics. The hinge in the back allows the user to adjust the screen to fit the application and the user with wide screen angle availability. The YOGA Home 900 is not only for playing games, it also sports a Windows 10 operating system and up to an Intel Core i7 processor. This device has a capacity of up to a 256GB SSD hard drive and 8GB of memory allowing users ample space for all their computing needs.

Judges said: We had a great time with Lenovo’s Yoga Home 900. It’s a wonderful tabletop and screen entertainment experience.