Edwin the Duck Video


Edwin is the world’s first Smart Duck; a learning toy with personality designed to be your child’s new best friend as they play, learn, sing and dream — together. Edwin lives in your child’s hands and on your mobile device as an animated character. Utilizing SQUACK Technology, your child will connect and interact with the animated Edwin using rubber duck Edwin as their guide & controller. By tapping, turning, and tilting Edwin, your child will join him on one of his many adventures, and explore fun and challenging games designed for your child’s own development stage. Watch Edwin dance on the screen while he teaches your child to sing-along with some of his favorite original songs, and at bedtime enjoy custom sounds and an LED night light. Edwin is waterproof for tub and pool time while streaming music through BLUETOOTH® wireless technology. He truly is no ordinary duck.

The judges giggled as they played with this modern version of the rubber duckie. Bluetooth enabled, the duck can tell you if the bathwater is too hot, sing and tell stories, and when it’s out of the bath it’s your nightlight companion. Our hearts went quack when we saw this in action.