Lenovo YOGA Tablet 3 Pro Video


The YOGA Tab 3 Pro is the latest version of our premium entertainment tablet. We’ve made some dramatic improvements by adding our AnyPen technology, upgrading to an better rotating projector, including a multi-speaker soundbar with Dolby ATMOS® technology, increasing battery capacity, adding IP21 certified splash-proofing, and wrapping it all up in premium materials.

We’ve upgraded the projector on the YOGA Tab 3 Pro with a 50 lumen DLP projector. The projector can produce a 70-inch image and rotates up to 180 degrees, allowing users to project onto both walls and ceilings. Also, there’s no need to fumble with a physical focus slider because the new projector has an instant digital focus that produces crisp and clear images. Sound matters. That’s why Lenovo built a powerful 4-JBL speaker front-facing soundbar right into its Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Pro – so that every movie comes with immersive sound. Lenovo’s AnyPen technology on the YOGA Tab 3 is designed to improve tablet productivity by enabling precise on-screen control for users. Instead of relying on a dedicated stylus, users can use any conductive object to interact with the screen such as a pen, pencil, keys, pocket knife, or even a fork.

The YOGA Tab 3 Pro includes Lenovo’s well-known YOGA modes: Stand, Hold, Tilt, and Hang. Available for $500 on Lenovo.com, this premium tablet is ideal for Netflix binges.

Judges said: Lenovo’s Tablet was pretty flexible to from the get go but the judges really appreciated the AnyPen technology so you can write with your fingernail if you prefer and that it now has a better projector, making this stand out feature more useable. Thanks to the multi-speaker sound bar /projector combo it’s a great way to stream your favorites.