The Ripple Maker Video


The Ripple Maker is a revolutionary IoT device that turns every cup of coffee into an extraordinary experience. Using coffee extract, the Ripple Maker creates stunning designs atop the foam of a cappuccino or latte, in a matter of seconds!

The Ripple Maker is a connected device meaning the opportunities for creating “content moments” are infinite. Ranging from inspirational messages and quotes, to messages about upcoming events, to personal birthday and other greetings – new content is constantly streamed to the Ripple Maker.

Created for coffee shops, restaurants or hospitality suites, baristas can choose their Ripples from the extensive catalogue of designs and messages, create their own custom designs, or have their customers send a photo, personal image or message directly to the Ripple Maker through the newly released Ripple app.

Judge’s said: 3D printing is cool; 3D printed lattes… even cooler. Take any image and The Ripple Maker prints the image in your latte foam, made from coffee extracts. Starbucks will still probably spell your name wrong but it’ll sure look amazing to see your face in foam.