VUZE Video


VUZE, is the world’s first consumer, portable 360° 3D VR camera and software studio that brings immersive content creation to the masses. VUZE is both a technological breakthrough as well as a quantum leap forward for the industry.

The VUZE Camera combines 3D and 2D capture technology using eight full HD cameras within an easy-to-use ‘point and shoot’ form-factor. The cameras capture 1200 horizontal and 1800 vertical images and work together to generate 4K VR content.

The VUZE Studio brings groundbreaking advances in 360° 3D content creation with real-time processing (1 minute per minute) and seamless stitching thanks to a proprietary technique called Adaptive Blending that mimics the way the human eye interacts with the brain to form pictures in the mind.

Finally, VUZE content can be enjoyed on its own lightweight VUZE VR Headset or on ANY VR player, glasses, cardboard or 3D device or TV.

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