Now in its 16th year, it is one of the best loved and longest running events at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Based on the notion that the crowd always knows best, the contest asks a live and online audience to pick the “most likely to succeed product”. The online events starts by previewing entries in late September. The live event is held at CES.
From a group of exciting new products, our distinguished judges aided by an online vote choose 25 semifinalists and ten finalists. Once we have the ten finalists we hold a second and final online vote among the ten to choose an “Online Winner”. At the live event the audience picks a “Live Show Winner.” Past winners include the Lytro camera, Kevo Smart Lock, the Eye-Fi Card and even OnStar in its humble beginnings.
The ten finalists each have 4 minutes to demo their product in a creative and fast paced show hosted by David Pogue of Yahoo Tech. David is funny and quick and knowledgeable about tech, music, and much more. And did I say he is funny? There’s a trivia contest/swag giveaway in the middle, and at the end the audience votes by applause for the best gadget to crown as the “Last Gadget Standing.” A press release is issued immediately and the standing room only ballroom where LGS is held is brimming with reporters anxious to interview the winners.
On Jan TKTKTK, 2017, 10:30 am in N255 of the North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention center. You need a CES badge to enter. Come early, we’re always packed.
Yes, there are room and AV bills to pay and lots of labor that go into creating a contest like this. The fee is nominal and there are discount codes available for not-for-profits.
Yes, this is a best of CES type show so you need to be there in some form — that could be a booth within a booth, a shared booth, or a partner booth or meeting room but you must be a CES participant to qualify.
You can find the application here. There are discounts for multiple entries. All you need to do is describe your product and send photos.
Yes, we want you to nominate your own product.
The product should be new – not older than 2016, and must be shipping by Q2 of 2017. Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign entries will be vetted as a reality check.
All of our judges sign NDA agreements in order to look at NDA products. We can only accommodate 2 or 3 NDA products in our final 10 but you can contact [email protected] to discuss NDA submissions.
Your product gets posted to the Last Gadget site where it gets seen by thousand of viewers and reporters. They get to like and comment on your product. You also get a social media campaign leading viewers to the site to look at the entries. Visit lastgadgetstanding.com website for sample views. Also, all products are considered to become a semifinalist, finalist or winner. The postings on the website are up for a long time, and the contest attracts a lot of attention, so there are rewards even if you’re not the contest winner.
We have an online vote and a group of distinguished judges who, in combination, pick the 25 top products from our set of submitted products.
Our judges carefully evaluate the products, looking for innovation and staying power, and looking at the popular support from the live vote. Narrowing the group to ten is insanely difficult, but we manage.
Two, an online winner and the winner of the live event.
The “Online Winner” is the product that gets the most online votes during the online voting period, from Dec 26 to midnight Jan TKTK, 2017, PDT.
The “Live Winner” is selected by the audience at the event.
There are trophies handed out at the event with live photos and press. Plus you get a badge to post on your web site as the winner. Badges are given out to semifinalists and finalists.
We currently have one corporate sponsor, Lenovo. We thank them for their support by providing them with web and live signage and press opportunities. We are always looking for other corporate sponsors/media partners and even companies willing to donate prizes (with a big thanks and shout out) for our audience trivia contest.
Sure thing. Just visit the website and you’ll have hours of viewing enjoyment.