Lytro Light Field Camera


Lytro has created a new way to take and experience pictures. Earlier this year, Lytro introduced the world’s first consumer camera that captures the entire light field. Unlike conventional cameras that capture only two dimensions, Lytro records life’s multi-dimensional nature, capturing the color, intensity, and direction of light to offer photographic capabilities never before possible. The first major capability of the Lytro camera is the ability to focus pictures AFTER they are taken. And, with no need to auto-focus to slow things down, the Lytro’s instant shutter ensures that the photographer never misses a moment. The picture taker can then share their living pictures with friends and family via Twitter, Facebook, email or blogs so that others can explore and interact with them on nearly any device.

The Lytro light field camera, which offers a powerful 8x optical zoom and f/2 lens in an iconic design, brings new creative possibilities to photography and represents the most significant shift in photography since the transition from 35mm to digital. The Lytro comes in 8GB and 16GB models and has an extra-long battery life. The Lytro takes up to 400 pictures between charges and comes in three vibrant colors – Red Hot, Electric Blue and Graphite.

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Price: $399 for Electric Blue and Graphite (8GB); $499 for Red Hot (16GB)


When you’re taking pictures, sometimes it’s tough to get the focus point just right. The Lytro Light Field Camera is the first of its kind, and promises to eliminate the conundrum of choosing your focus point at the time you’re snapping the picture. This is no ordinary point and shoot digicam, and its unique rectangular shape belies that point. The way it works is by capturing the details of light and other metrics, so you can pick your focus point after the fact. The camera has an 8X optical zoom and an f/2 lens. It sadly has just 8GB and 16GB versions, with no expansion card slot, so that means you need to offload your images at the same time you recharge each time (the battery lasts for up to 400 shots).

Melissa Perenson